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Krejci Needs Less Than a Second Baby. BRUINS WIN!

(Note: If you know who made this image let us know, we'd love to give them credit)

It was the second game of a back to back for our dear Bruins. The night before was a bit of an emotional victory after the human pile of feces John Scott took out Loui, and later found out he'd be out indefinitely with a concussion.

The Sharks had been tearing teams apart like a great white shark would tear apart Justin. We had faith in our B's obviously, but it would've been understandable if they weren't exactly focused (which they weren't). Wow was that game ugly for the Bruins.

But then Tuukka Rask decided to debut his new brick wall costume he'll be wearing on Halloween. Iginla finally got on the board. And Krejci showed women around the world that while you may really want him, he reaches the goal in under a second.

Wasn't perfect by any means but what a huge victory. All Hail Tuukka Rask. Loui news still hurts, especially since he was starting to get rolling over the past few games but the B's will survive.

– After being a filthy goal tease against Buffalo, Iginla FINALLY got his first! Apparently his dad was inappropriately touched by a shark in his younger days and Iginla wanted sweet revenge. Goal came at a great time too because the Sharks were all over the B's like the NHL is all over pretending they care about player safety.

– Patrick Marleau may not have the heart of a leader but the guy is still a beast. BEAST. We'd take him on the B's any day.

– Everything about Krejci's entire goal sequence was beautiful. Lucic forced his way into the zone, schooled Joe Thornton in the corner, made a nice pass to McQuaid who then placed the puck perfectly on Krejci's stick blade and then as he's known to do, Krejci gave the sharks just the tip. Just the tip! What a freaking ending.

– Shawn Thornton. Just because. He's Shawn Thornton.

– Running out of great things to say about Rask already this season. As good as he was last year, he looks even better. He's playing with such confidence that it seems to be legitimately catching on with his teammates. He's the best thing to come out of Europe since P.J. Axelsson's hair.

– Dennis Seidenberg was his usual beastly self. Screw you if you hate that he was re-signed. Seidenberg saved the B's collective asses a bunch of times against San Jose you monkeys.

– Hoping Marchand's mini demotion continues to motivate him. He was a lot more active tonight once he was bumped back up with Bergy. So far this season we were starting to think he snuck into Seguin's suitcase and went to Dallas.

– Tuukka Rask.

– Tuukka Rask.

– Tuukka Rask.

– Patrice Bergeron's smile. And face. And butt. Damn, is it hot in here suddenly?

– Patrice Purrgeron

– Doug Hamilton has looked great so far this season overall. Playing with a ton of confidence. He's going to be such a stud. 

– The Loui news 😦 But hey, this is what the NHL wants. Get used to these head shots folks. Going to see a lot more of these this season.

– Whoever made this. The thought of such a majestic yet deadly animal such as this will haunt my dreams.

– Haven't really seen a good angle on that Chara-Wingels hit yet. Some angles it looks like Chara was just committed to the hit and couldn't stop. Other angles it looks a bit worse. If it was intentional, we hope Chara hears from the NHL. We hope Wingels ends up being okay. What are your thoughts people? 

– Speaking of Chara, hate to say it but he's kind of carried over his poor play from the end of last season to this season. Too many mistakes, too many missed chances. Something's bugging the big guy. I bet there's even a fake Irish reporter out there trying to run him out of town. Let's hypothetically call this guy Mimmy Jurphy.

– Let's be honest. This was a game the Bruins did NOT deserve to win. At all. They were out shot, out played, out everything'd. They had to rely heavily on luck and Rask. Basically Rask beat the Sharks, not the Bruins.

– Seriously, the Bruins should not have won. Sharks were all over then. In Rask We Trust.

– Stop booing Joe Thornton. He didn't do anything wrong. 

– Hey Malcolm, can you ask your brother what he thinks about John Scott?

– Who cares, it's Arkham Origins Day!