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Krejci Rules. South Park Stick of Truth Rules. BRUINS WIN!

Yes, so if we're being honest as soon as the game was over the DOY staff went right back to playing South Park: Stick of Truth so we're recap-less today. We'd apologize, but if you've played the game you'll understand. 

Here's some notes though:

– Krejci made it rain hats at TD Garden…and the Jeremy Jacobs immediately had the staff sell the used hats in the Pro Shop for $50 a piece.

Seriously though, what a game by Krejci. You mad about the Olympics bro? Goooooood. GOOOOOOOOOOOOD.

– We still love you Tim Thomas. Always and forever ❤ Have fun with your new best friend Robby Lou!

– People trying to tell us the Bruins defense has gone down hill because McQuaid is gone really need to re-evaluate their lives and maybe even get sterilized.

– We hope the Bruins trade for Butters Stotch.

– We love you Soderberg. If Chris Kelly had any hands you'd have a lot more points.

– LOLz to Bruins fans thinking LA would trade Doughty.

– Boychuk, how good is the South Park game?

– Jeremy Jacobs will let you read this recap for free for the first 30 seconds. After that it's $10 a minute.