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Latest NHL Realignment Proposal


With the WInnipeg Jets returning to the NHL, the league still wants to work on some sort of realignment plan. Makes sense because Winnipeg being in the Southeast makes no sense. Here's the latest NHL realignment propsal:


Boston would be in a division with their usual pals the Sabres, Habs, Leafs, Sens and welcome into the fold the Red Wings, Panthers, and Lightning.

Image from PuckDaddy

Here's what the West would look like:

Image from PuckDaddy

It's better than the last proposal. Making the Florida teams part of the Northeast Expanded Division (aka Conference 2) seems a bit odd. But that Conference 1 set up looks like a fucking meatgrinder and would be fun to watch.  The way the West Side Yo Conferences are set up makes a lot of sense. But there being two extra teams in the Eastern Conferences is a little odd; we'd thought the NHL would want to keep that stuff as even as possible. Expansion soon? Bring back the Nordiques! Bring back the Adams Division!

Few peeps on twitter are saying under this proposal any team can make any team (not in their division) for the Stanley Cup. Not sure how they decide what conference champs from each group faces who. If they do East 1 vs East 2 there goes the fun of possibly a Flyers-Bruins bloody Cup final.

What do you guys think about this realignment plan?