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Marchy March and The Funky Bunch. BRUINS WIN.

Not even blizzards can stop the Bruins. Boychuk dropped a bomb on the Nashville net. Lucic and Iginla hooked up like two horny teens at a frat party. Marchand undressed Mike Fisher. Suck it Preds.

– Marchand should be suspended for 15 games because that slick move he pulled on Fisher for the game winner was definitely premeditated. Wow. Even Fisher's wife got some underwood watching Marchand's goal. 

– Neely's reaction after Marchand's goal.

– Lucic and Iginla just get each other man. It's beautiful. Bromance.

– Thought Svedberg had an overall good debut. He was caught out of position a few times but B's defense was there to back him up. He made a lot of difficult saves and handled a few flurries of Nashville shots to keep Boston in the game before they finally scored. Congrats on your first career NHL win buddy! He's UnSvedfeated!

– And the group hug after the  B's won was just precious. Svedy balls.

– Not only did Boychuk do a fantastic job defensively covering for the Seidenberg void, but he also sniped one hell of a goal to open the scoring for the B's. DESTROYCHUK RULES ALL! The face his makes after the goal is hilarious.

– Spooner continues to impress. He fantastic speed essentially set up the Boychuk goal. He's not scoring, but he certainly doesn't look lost on the ice. It'll all come together for him. He's too skilled for it not to.

– Reilly Smith survived a Chara slap shot to the leg. So glad you're still alive  Reilly! You're awesome.

– Whatever Julien said to the team during the second intermission obviously worked. We're guessing it wasn't a speech  your kids should hear.

– Bergeron is better at faceoffs than everyone ever. EVER. 

– Krejci, Iginla and Lucic had a great night. They were so far in Nashville's mouth. It was awesome.

– Seth Jones with some sweet moves but Svedberg was all like BITCH PLEASE!

– Jack we love you, but this is absolutely terrifying…

– Snow.

– Shoveling. 

– Brian Burke should not be in charge of a team on any level. He's buidling Team USA the same way he built the Leafs… "trucelent" and gritty and that's it. How'd that work out for Toronto? He chose all grit over skill. It didn't work for the Maple Leafs and it likely won't work in the Olympics when Team USA faces skill filled teams that have a bigger ice surface to operate. That guy just never learns. At least he had the good sense to put American hero David Backes on the team.

– Leaving opposing players uncovered in the slot is a TERRIBLE idea. If only Krug had the diving skills of a Canadien…

– Shea Weber having to waste away in Nashville. What a canon.

– Who's house? Run's house.

– Can the Bruins prospect crop on defense continue to play this well?

– Can you shut up for a second?