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Matt Fraser: Overnight Hero. BRUINS WIN!

We could not possibly be more pumped that the Bruins win. Really. But this game highlighted our frustration with the Bruins. The Bruins have played like ass for 90% of this series and the Canadiens are still barely hanging with them. So, the quote The Rock, why in the BLUE HELL aren’t they playing up to their potential!?!? Ugh.

Whatever though. The Bruins won. The series is tied. Coming home Saturday to start a three game series now. Carl Soderberg is a man among infants. He was by far the best player on either team and while Matt Fraser did what most Bruins weren’t doing and charged the front of the net to pick up the trash, Soderberg made that entire play happen. Hopefully the B’s can build on the momentum of this OT win.

And congrats to Matt Fraser on his playoff debut. What a dream game. Gets called up during the playoffs, shows off his nice wrist shot all game and then pops in the overtime winner in a 0-0 game. Love his shot. Sorry Caron, looks like the AHL is your home now. Sucker.

– Absolutely shocked Miller didn’t get called for hitting Weise. SHOCKED.

– Douglas Hamilton was awake to start the game. Ellers is lucky Hamilton is such a ginger gentleman and didn’t go all Mortal Kombat. Douglas had a great game all around. He’s going to be such a stud. Not physically obviously. Gingers are gross.

– Carl Soderberg…never leave us. Ever. Bruins best player on the ice tonight. Too bad his line mates did nothing for him.

– Pierre McGuire wants to see the Bruins “give Pacioretty a rough ride all night.” Now THAT is a sex tape that would sell.

– Fantastic news for everyone in the division that the Maple Leafs said, quote, “Randy Carlyle is the man to lead this team” and extended his contract. Is Rob Ford in charge of this team?

– Chara saved everyone’s ass late in the first. Everyone else was standing around watching while Chara was a one man army.

– You don’t have to like Subban. Hell, we don’t. But can’t deny his talent. Shame he’s such a shitbag.

– If the Bruins could clone Bergeron and Soderberg this series would already be over. Both of them were DOMINATING. Need more results though.

– Merlot Line has been infinitely better than the first line. This should probably be in the negatives, but I loves me some Shaw Thornton.

– Loved how Iginla says hello to Pacioretty.

Hopefully they’ll get along when they begin filming their new movie.

– Montreal is definitely in Rask’s head, but at least he’s still making saves like this:

– Congrats to Milan Lucic for going an entire game without spearing someone in the sack. Bush league stuff so far this series from Lucic.

– Rask’s third shutout of the playoffs. Few game saving..umm.. saves. But Chad Johnson should still start, right Twitter? Jokes. RASK RULES!

– No traffic, no screens, all shots from the outside, terrible passes, no forecheck or back check…. yeah, Bruins strategy has been fairly awful. Disgusting.

– Canadiens love leading with their elbows when they try to check people. Stop sullying the good name of the late Macho Man Randy Savage!

– Bartkowski started off softer than Pierre’s penis whenever Crosby looks hurt. He also takes way too many dumb penalties. Like when he gives people arm-bars on the ice and then wonders what he did wrong.

– Iginla must want to break every post in the world by now. He’s hearing nothing but PING PING PING in his dreams.

– And seriously…if the Bruins score on even half the posts they hit, these series is DRASTICALLY different.

– This is how poor Claude looks when his team is on the power play:

– Marchand has been a turnover machine in this series. Awful. Stop trying your stupid triple deke. It’s not working.

– No idea why the Bruins are trying so much fancy pants stuff in the offensive zone. What happened to getting dirty? Get dirty, you dirty boys.

– Bruins should sign Dennis Rodman. At least then someone would get on some rebounds in front of Price.

– Bruins really should have about 20 goals in this series but they either don’t put someone in front, don’t go after rebounds or shoot right into Price’s chest when they have open nets.

– Remember before the series when the Bruins were getting upset when people questioned if Montreal’s speed was going to give them issues? Yeah. Yeah.

– Why does Subban always get so angry when he’s called for an obvious penalty? Shut up cry baby.

– Bruins powerplay game plan: Pass, Pass, Pass, Watch Pass, Drink Tea, Eat Crumpet, Pass, Pass, Turnover.


– Soderberg’s line just took a new photo:

– Emelin with yet another dirty hit. He’s terrible.

– Please, PLEASE someone help us find them!

– Why the hell won’t the Bruins play up to their potential?

– Why isn’t Claude Julien physically lashing every player not named Bergeron, Soderberg, Chara or Rask?

– How long until a Boychuk slap shot literally decapitates someone?

– Why is Pierre McGuire obsessed with decapitations?

– Why is Carl Soderberg so fucking awesome?

– Shut up.