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Meet Ray — the Canadian redneck, Habs fan, stuntman

Hi. Meet Ray.

Ray is many things.

A Canadian redneck.  A daredevil. A Habs fan. A stuntman. A ne’redowell.  

He’s also downright fucking hilarious. Watch as he tries his greatest feat yet: jumping his homemade gokart over a mound of snow while wearing no more protection than an Itech goalie mask.

The swig of beer from the giant can in the brownbag plus spitting out the dentures was huge. Bonus points for Ray.

In the end: Canadian rednecks > American rednecks. You’re not going to find some Southerner wearing a goalie mask while jumping their John Deer over haystacks. 

“We hope you didn’t dick her, Ray.” 

Props to Eric (@BosBruinsFan) for sending us this. Made our morning.