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Memory problems spells bad news for Marc Savard

DOY Reader Andrew J. just sent us this link from ESPN.com. A source told Pierre LeBrun that Marc Savard is having memory issues.

Wish I had better news to forward on the Marc Savard front, but it’s quite the opposite. A source told ESPN.com Saturday that the concussed Bruins center is having “real memory problems and he’s quite worried about it.”

Just another reminder how serious the concussion issue is around the NHL. Savard’s career is in serious doubt and that’s just not right.

LeBrun then goes on ripping Recchi. Whatever. LeBrun sucks. He’s also pissed that he got Rexrolled.

But seriously. Eeks.

If this is true than it’s time for Savvy to hang ’em up. He’s no good to anybody with brains the consistency of mashed potatoes. 

And like Mike Miccoli said:  It’s heartbreaking, really. If this doesn’t motivate the Bruins to win a Cup, I don’t know what will.