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Montreal Canadiens Fans Fight In Stands; Continue To Prove Their Sucktitude

If you’re a fan of the Boston Bruins, you know how brutal the Montreal Canadiens fans are. They’re pompous, self-righteous, holier-than-thou attitudes are more annoying than a banquet hall full of Tim Tebow’s talking about putting up a hospital. They believe they’re the “keeper of the gate” when it comes to hockey. Everything lives and dies in Montreal when it comes to hockey. Remember all the bullshit they gave Boston fans…about everything?

Milan Lucic is a thug for running a goalie on a different team (despite Erik Cole and is rapist mustache doing the same thing a few nights later).

Boston fans are ruthless for giving a guy a hard time in the bathroom because he was wearing a Canadiens t-shirt.

But these Montreal fans are the worst fucking. They flip cop cars over when their team wins in the first round of the playoffs. They call 9-1-1 during a hockey game because there was a hit on one of their players. They boo the American National Anthem.

They probably cheer when someone in a Habs jersey falls on the sidewalk and then boos when there’s no referee around to make a tripping call.

Then this beauty comes out from last night:

Unreal. For a fan base that prides themselves on being the cream of the crop, they really look like a bunch of total dickbags here. What else do you expect from these people?

Look, I’ve seen some nasty fights in the TD Garden. I once watched a complete section just throw down for no apparent reason, but there’s a difference between Boston fans and Montreal fans. Boston fans don’t claim to be the “begin all, end all” of the NHL, or even the hockey world. We know what we are. We’re fans of the Bruins. We’re homers. We’re a championship fanbase and we end it at that. You never hear Bruins fans boast about being the first American NHL franchise. You never hear Bruins fans talking like they own the world. We are what we are and that’s that.

Montreal is a whole different monster. These people believe that the Canadiens ARE the NHL and the Habs haven’t been relevant since 1993.

I can’t wait for the Montreal chirping to start. It used to be “Well, win a title this decade!” (which is humorous because their team didn’t do it either), so what’s it going to be now? Oh “24”? Okay, you can keep your 24 Stanley Cups, I’ll keep the one that I saw the B’s win last year.

Before you crown yourself the jewel of the NHL, maybe you should learn what being a good hockey fanbase is all about.