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NHL writes fans a letter, NHLPA counters with video, fans respond with giant middle finger

NHL Lockout banner
Sorry this is on the later side but Team DOY was recovering from Jon’s bachelor party last night. Everyone survived and no tigers were stolen. Fake candles from the comedy club and people’s dignity, however, are a different story.

Anyways, the 2012-2013 NHL Lockout is officially here.

And now the NHL and NHLPA are waging the PR War in hopes of getting fans to sympathize with their cause when they should be locked in a room together until they hatch out a deal.

After the jump… the NHL’s message to fans and the NHLPA’s video to fans.

The NHL wrote this “touching” letter to fans. Image from PensBlog

NHL Lockout Letter to fans

And not to be outdone, the NHLPA fires back with a video about how the players just want to play hockey and are looking out for the long-term interest of the league.

And fans respond rationally:

It’s amusing to see both sides try to get the fans to raise banners for their cause when fans mean shit in these negotations. It’s not like presidential election where the people vote. Not like if we yell at Bettman or protest the owners will give in. Likewise, players aren’t gonna sign whatever offer the league sends their way because the fans plead them to. Seriously. Fans don’t have a say when millionaires fight billionaires over who’ll get richer in the next CBA.

Both sides need to stop tugging at fans’ collective heart strings and get shit done.