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Nine Golden Facts You Didn’t Know About Patrice Bergeron



There is so much more to Patrice Bergeron than his incredibly handsome face. Bergeron's 2014 gold medal is just one of many great accomplishments in his career. Bergeron has won so much hardware that he craps gold and silver. When Fort Knox is short on gold, they call Bergeron.

How have all the awards and championships affected Bergy? Here's what we were able to dig up.

1) When Bergeron visits San Francisco, the city temporary calls the Golden Gate Bridge just Bridge, because it is an insult to call anything else golden in Bergeron's presence.

2) As first reported by Kirk Luedeke on Twitter, Bergeron had so much extra gold hanging around that he decided to get some gold teeth and drop a sweet, sweet hip hop album called "Master B's Greatest Hits."

3) Growing up, Bergeron's best friend was a fiesty little chap named Hal Jordan. The two were inseperable and were like brothers…until Bergeron started getting too golden yellow…

4)  Bergeron was the founder and temporary lead singer of a ska-punk band called Goldfinger, but decided to leave them after they released Hang Ups.

5) Bergeron is sometimes annoyed that his teeth are so golden and shiny that nobody notices his sweet gold and silver Bart Simpson pendant.

6) Every Saturday night Bergeron holds a roller skating party at his house and anyone can come…as long as you wear gold.

7) His smile is so breath taking that you barely notice the gold medal he's holding.

8) Bergeron is the reason Yukon Cornelius couldn't find any silver or gold. Bergeron had already won it all.

9) Before he goes to bed every night he likes to take all his gold and silver and make it hail bitches!

Oh Bergeron. Your awesomeness knows no bounds. Congrats on another notch in your long list of impressive accomplishments. So glad you're a Bruin.