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No news is bad news when you’re waiting for the NHL season to kick in…

It’s the end of August. There’s nothing big going on.

Seriously. Nothing. Here’s the frontpage of BostonBruins.com

We can’t decide if we should go with a penis joke or a Sarah Jessica Parker joke. Thoughts?

When the team’s site top stores are profiling No Knee Sturm, Tuukka and Thornton hanging with a horse, buying tickets, Thort’s Golf Event and Traveling to Europe, you know it’s August. Thankfully, hockey season is around the corner… sadly, not close enough around the corner.

Let’s see, what has happened in the world of the Boston Bruins:

  • Waste of Space, aka Trent Whitfield, might be out for the entire season with an achilles injury. The Bruins and Baby Bs have instantly gotten 100x better because of the injury.
  • Mikko Lehtonen is off to Sweeden. Meh.
  • Today starts the Ice Girl tryouts. We really don’t care about this unless 1) Someone brings in a “We Want Cusick” flier and sends us pics or 2) Holly for some reason doesn’t return to the squad. What a travesty that’d be.
  • Marc Savard and Tim Thomas are still Bruins.
  • Andrew Ference is still a Bruin… ugh…

Yeeeeep. That’s about it.

Bring on October.