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Nobody throws a party like a Boston Bruins’ party

This tab is a fucking beast — $156,679 and shit change.

Holy Baby Jebus. They dropped more in one night than I’ll make in four years (before tax).

There are some questions that remain:

* Who bought the 1 Amstel Light and 1 Corona?
* 136 bottles of Bud Light? Seriously? We’ll just piss in a jar and mix in some tap water next time and save the team $680. 
* What? No Sam Adams?
* We have no idea what BOT Ace MIDAS is but we have a feeling a drop of it is worth more than our collective lives.

In fact, we probably owe like $10,000 for showing a picture of what the bottle looks like
* What, on this list, did Seguin drink? The 18 Red Bulls? Or the 67 bottles of Fiji water?
* Bruins are huge wine-os

Some videos from the team’s weekend excusion.

It’s going to be one crazy summer. Wonder where the Cup Guardian was when all this went down.