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Paille, Bourque Get Contract Extensions

paille zombiePhoto by Colleen Keenan

Well it looks like Peter has been a busy bee today. Although the Bruins have not officially announced these deals yet, it seems as though both Danny Paille and Chris “I’m Not Ray” Bourque have received contract extensions. 

Paille’s deal is a 3 year extension for $1.3M per year. Not a bad deal for Paille, considering he made 1.075M last season. A modest raise, but nothing to the extent like Boychuk got.

Chris Bourque’s deal is a little weird. Our buddy Kirk Luedeke tweeted it and broke it down for us:



Interesting. Very Interesting. 

I’m a little worried that the Bruins chose Paille over Campbell, but I guess we’ll see what happens in Free Agency.