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Preseason Game #4: Boston Bruins at Detroit Red Wings

Pez's Note: This preview was written on Friday instead of the normal Saturday game day post because I will be unavailable this weekend. If you have a problem with it, suck it. 

Thursday night the Bruins got waxed in a preseason game against the Detroit Red Wings. Seriously, they left the Garden embarrassed as the Red Wings pounded Malcolm Subban to the tune of 8-2. This proves that Malcolm Subban may not be ready for the big time, which isn't a bad thing. For some reason people believe that you can insert a young goalie and he'll absolutely blow up. It doesn't happen that way, especially not in Boston where they like to make sure their goaltenders get seasoned in the AHL. Look at how long it took Tuukka Rask to make it to the NHL after being traded from Toronto. 

Rask was traded to the Bruins in 2006 and while he saw some time in the 2007-2008 NHL season (4 games) and the 2008-2009 season (1 game), Rask didn't make a full jump to the NHL until 2009-2010 where he played in 45 games because Tim Thomas got hurt. So if we want to use Tuukka Rask as a timeline, don't expect Malcolm Subban to make a full time jump to the NHL until around 2015-2016. 


I just don't get where people are getting the notion that Malcolm Subban is ready for NHL action based on the fact he dominated juniors. Last night proved that Subban will need some working in Providence and guess what guys…that's okay. 

Preseason itself is a double edged sword. If a team is successful in the preseason, most people say "Hey, it's the preseason, no need to get your hopes up" and when a team loses those same people will tell you how much that team sucks. It's mind boggling. Preseason is a way for players to get their legs under them and for young kids to prove what they have. That's it. It's a measuring tool – not a use of predicting where a team will finish. 

I mean, a team that made it to the Stanley Cup Finals lost to their AHL team last preseason. 

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Projected Lines

I have no idea who the Bruins will be putting on the ice for tomorrow's game in Detroit. I know that Tuukka Rask will most definitely see some time. After that, it's a crap shoot. With Patrice Bergeron not participating in any preseason games yet, there's a chance tomorrow could be his debut. Again, I can't really predict who we will see Saturday. 

In lieu of me not knowing a fucking thing, here's a few .gifs for you to enjoy: 





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Gameday Image/Video

People have asked about the Jarome Iginla song that we played to open #DOYLive on Wednesday. Here you go.