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Re-Imagining The NHL: One Team At A Time


Ever year it seems that NHL teams are pumping out new uniforms to fit the Reebok Edge template the NHL undertook after the lockout. I’m not sure if teams do this because they aren’t comfortable with their jersey design or if it’s a way to sell their product to their fans, but most of the times these teams are hit or miss. A good friend of mine Cole Jones, who was the creator of The Other 6 Seconds, took it upon himself to re-create every NHL team and their uniforms to his liking. After viewing what he posted, I figured that his pieces shouldn’t be squandered away on a hockey forum most people don’t know about. With Cole’s permission I present to you a re-imagining of the NHL by Cole Jones.

Days of Y’Orr will display one team a month for 31 days (since we will include Atlanta) with Cole’s description of his thought process then followed up by the home, away and alternate uniform complete with gloves, socks, pants, helmet and jersey. After we present the team, I’ll give my spin on it. Feel free to comment on the team as well. Cole has a thick skin, he won’t be offended. We will start the project tomorrow with the unvieling of the now defunct Atlanta Thrashers.

Here’s a sneak peek.