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RECAP: Boston Plays Like a Bunch of Bad Jokes. BRUINS LOSE!


Jesus Christ. How fucking awful are the Boston Bruins when have a lead in the third? Answer: Really fucking awful.

Little Lamb and the Capitals spoon feed the Bruins with an easy 3-0 lead and then the team decided to take the rest of the night off. Here's a picture of the team when they came out for the second period:

Capitals are third in the worst division in the NHL and the Bruins couldn't shut them down. Ugh. And does Ovechkin do anything but just hang at the offensive blue line? I think him hooking Marchand was the first time he's ever been seen in the defensive zone. He's the kid that would never play defense in pick up hockey.

But another late lead blown. Bruins are breaking down more in the third than my old car. Awful.

Bruins are 14-3-3 so there's no need to blow this team up or anything, but they gotta wake up. This doesn't bode well for the rest of the month when they have to play every other day if they're going to only put in a partial effort.

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– Brad Marchand for busting ass on the PK and earning a penalty shot. Then this goal.
Reminds us of our favorite short handed penalty shot goal by a Boston Bruin:
That five hole was so big Marchand's nose couldn't danced through. But seriously. Marchand is operating on a different plane of existence right now.
– Chara making it 2-0. Follows up his own shot that nailed Krejci and buries it.
– DOY Patron Saint Shawn Thornton returns to his fisticuff ways. Beautiful knockdown.
People can now calm their tits about him not fighting. Guy has been looking for a partner for like a week now and finally got one.
– A shitty call against Washington gives Boston the PP and Dougie blasts a one-timer for an easy looking goal. Three goals by Boston in the first.
– This pic of Ovie from the start of the 2nd. Last good thing to happen in this game from a Bs fan perspective.
– The Pacioretty Panel


– Our day jobs for turning into evening jobs and making us have to cancel tonight's Pregame Show. Uncool, day jobs.

– That awful fucking "Wicked Single" TV commercial. Fuck you, VH1. If you watch this show just go kill yourself and save humanity from passing on your shitty genes.

– That call on the Ovie to Kelly hit. And that "hooking" call against Chara on Ovie. Refs are awful this year.

– NESN for this graphic.

Actually, that sounds about right. Nevermind. Carry on.

– In fact, Ovechkin in general. He was the reason for two of Boston's first three goals. And he half-assed his change when Z scored, so make that three of three. Nice captain, Washington.

– We're not saying Chimera dove but he should learn how to skate better so he doesn't fall so easily when bumped.

– Bruins in that second period. Couldn't make simple passes. Couldn't clear their own zone. Let Caps right back into it.

– Bruins in the third period. Couldn't put Washington away.

– Bruins in OT. WTF, guys.

– Someone tell Horton and Lucic it's not cool to take days off during the work week without notice. Those two have been ghosts recently. Not even sure how Krejci is producing points with those two anchors weighing him down.

– Bruins inability to hold onto leads recently.

– WIll Boston ever put in a full effort?

– Why the fuck was Jimmy Murphy saying the Bruins should go after Ribeiro?

– Why is everyone making shitty reality TV shows about Boston?

– Anyone know of Ovie still tapes his stick to look like a dog boner?