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RECAP: Boston Went America All Over Winnipeg’s Asses. BRUINS WIN!


Whoa boy. Another win that was less than pretty. But every two points counts this season, so they don't have to be works of art. Still it'd be nice to see the Bs blow a shitty team out like the Winnipeg Jets once in a while. Bruins did a pretty good job defensively today, keeping the shot count down (24 shots) and the Jets scoring chances to a minimum. Well, that was until the third period (AGAIN!) in which the Bruins couldn't figure out a way of countering the Jets constant pressure.

And those final few seconds? Dear god. Hope you brought an extra pair of Depends 'cause if you're like us you were changing your little diapers right after the game.

Nice work by Boston to beat Winnipeg on Hockey in America Day. Pretty sure this was the Bruins locker room before the game. 

Yes we know they're mostly non-American. Suck it.

Tonight we saw the best games of the season for Boychuk and Bourque. You can even argue Seguin is in that category today. He wasn't lights out offensively but the dude was hustling all over the ice and doing what he could to help the team win. When you're struggling in one area of your game, you gotta look for another to contribute with. Seguin did a bit of everything tonight for the Bruins.

So we can all chill the fuck out. The Bruins epic two-game losing streak is over.

After the jump we recap this bad-larry…



– Chris Bourque had one of his strongest games today. He started the game off strong, was hauling ass, got an assist and was rewarded by winging Krejci and Horton for the rest of the game (though with the way those two were playing, not sure if that was as big of a promotion as it sounds). Get that banner ready, boys.
– This tweet from the Fraude Julien after Bourque's shot block


– Bergeron had two assists 
– Seguin's dive at the end of the first. He might not be scoring a ton but he hustled to stop that breakaway.
– The DOY Reverse Curse continues. We shat on Chara and Seguin in the Pregame Show and then Seguin makes a sweet redirect on a Chara shot. 

Just the tip!
Marchand had a nice screen, too, which is surprising 'cause we didn't think he could screen anyone outside of the Lollipop Guild. 
– Paille stopped that icing near the end of the second. No goal, of course. But good job, good effort.
– Two goals in 38 seconds spanning the 2nd and third. This is what a final minute goal does for a team.
Bruins didn't panic after letting in that Kane goal. Boychuk with a nice blast right off Paille's stick. Redirect in.


Marchand SHT% hovering just under 50%. Unreal. He continues to be the team's leading goal scorer. The no penalty shot call was kinda bogus but Marchand scored anyways. He gets a feed from Bergy, makes a sweet dangle and backhands the puck in for the lead. Hockey Gods provide justice. Did that meteor that hit Russia bring with it the Bs PP?
Bruins now have PP goals in three of last four games. Wait what's that? Is that a Geoff Ward?
– Destroychuk. His assist was the icing on a solid defensive night. His sweet diving break-up to bail out Chara was huge.
– That save Rask had on Wheeler.
Then Jets fans chant his name for who knows what reason. Dude just stoned your team and you're trying to jeere him? Oook.
– Wheeler Offsides for old time's sake
– Bruins defense was a bit tighter. Kept Jets to 26 shots.


– Bergeron 0-5 on faceoffs for the first. 3-11 at somepoint in the third. Not sure what he ended at but a tough night in the circle for Bergy.

– Jack Edwards for the bad Seguin Alarm Clock joke at start of the 2nd:
"We are in the Central time zone……….Tyler."
"Can I say it? Can I say it? For Tyler Seguin in Winnipeg, it's a _timely_ goal?"
– First goal against was so weird and slo-mo. Douglas Hamilton was looking for a call instead of doing what he could to play D. Rask beat low glove side. We know Dougie is gonna make mistakes but it sucks when it results in a goal. Burm did hold Dougie's stick. It happens. Calls are missed. That's a veteran taking advantage of a rookie.
– Horton in LaLa Land with Kane standing in front of Rask. Tuukka almost lost his shit. Horton was a -2.
– David Krecji was a -2. 
– After the Bruins took a 3-2 lead the Jets turned on the heat and Boston did nothing but ride the waves for the rest of the game… meaning, rest of the third period. Wasn't a "taking a nap" level bad like against Buffalo but Boston should be able to counter that from the Jets.
– Those final seconds. 




– Who do we need to shit on next in order to get them to play well?

– Can Boston go three games in a row with a PPG?

– Is Pizz really the King of No Pants?

– Is this GIF still relevant?