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RECAP: Hibernation starts at 3-1. Bruins Lose.

Yikes. Ugly way to end 2013. Bruins were up 3-1 after scoring two goals in 25 seconds and then decided they had played enough hockey this year and called it a night.

Then the Islanders scored. And then scored. And then scored. And then scored again. Four unanswered goals for a 5-3 win. Bruins were so sloppy, Julien didn't even bother pulling Rask at the end of the game. 

Anyways, quick recap… because who really wants to relive that shitshow? Ugh…

– David Krejci. Scored Boston's first goal, increasing his and his line's scoring streak to five games. He whiffs on the first shot and then has the patience and coolness to collect himself and the puck to bank the second shot home.

It was Krejci's 100th goal in the NHL, all with the Bruins… despite the myriad of trade rumors. Guy is straight money.

Krejci also did a little hocus pocus in the defensive end, sweeping an Islanders goal out of the net. At the time we thought it was kinda mean to do against New York but in hindsight… what's one more goal when you've already scored five, eh?

Anyways, here's what Krejci looked like on that play:

– Two goals in :25. Second period made us all think Boston was going to win this one easily. Bergeron and Chara both scored, 25 seconds apart. It put the Bruins up 3-1.

– Jack Edwards. For his Miley Cyrus reference.

"Daniel Paille came in like a wrecking ball."

Errr… that's it.

– Tuukka Rask. He hasn't looked so hot the last two games. Wonder what the deal is. Sick? Just a funk? Who knows.

Surprised we didn't see this:

That's how we felt.

The PK. The Bruins had the third best PK in the NHL. Had. No idea how far they're going to fall after letting in four PPGs. Atrocious. We might actually see a Bruins team that have a better PP than PK (if even for a few games)

No idea, Claude. Let us know if you figure it out.

– Four unsanswered goals. Related to the above. But letting the Islanders out compete you, out work you, and then score four unanswered goals is crap. Huge meltdown by the Bruins. We're used to seeing the team take their foot off the gas when they get the lead on crap teams, but tonight was a new level of bad.

– Will the Bruins ever win in the post-Seidenberg era?

– Can someone get healthy so Caron can get scratched?

– Does anyone remember Chris Kelly?

– How lame is New Years Eve?