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RECAP: Turn Off the Lights, the Party’s Over. Bruins Lose.

What a bummer. Bruins played their asses off, had the lead and then — like so many times this season — saw a third period lead slip away. This time it happened so fast at the end. Unreal. That's two third periiod meltdowns that led to Blackhawk wins. Ouch.

We're proud of what the Bruins did this post-season. They almost got bumped by the fucking Maple Leafs but stormed back, rocked the Rangers and swept the Penguins. They were playing with house money after that Leafs series and their string finally ran out. They did what they did so many times during the regular season — blow a third period lead. 😦

Now we get to hear about the injuries some of the guys were playing through (Chara, Seidenberg) and see what Chiarelli does with his tiny capspace. They still need to re-sign Rask… and Horton… it's going to be an interesting summer.

Also, training camp starts in 90 days. Damn.

Huge thanks to everyone who followed us during the lockout and season. You all make this blog so much more fun to do day in and day out. We'll keep posting during the summer so no worries.

But damn… is it October yet?

– Bergeron showing his stripes and playing in Game 6 despite being hurt in Game 5 and not being 100%. He's the heart and soul of the team and let's be honest, Bergey at 50% is still 10000x better than Caron and Pandolfo at 150%.

Post-game Bergy told the media he had broken ribs, torn rib cartilage going into Game 6 and then got a  separated shoulder during the game. Most of us call out for a week with the sniffles and he kept fighting on. Unreal.

We ❤ you Bergy. Heal up!

– Rene Rancourt. Always the best.

– Lots of bodies flying early. Paille came out of the ethers to ram into Bickell.

– Third line with best shift of the first half of the first period. After a TV timeout, Julien goes right back to the InvisiLine. Seguin dishes puck across ice to Chis Kelly who makes a smarter move by going glove side. 1-0 Boston

– Bruins actually get a PP. AMAZEBALLS

– Looch was a beast. Dude looked fired up more than usual. Had two nice scoring chances in the first but Crawford stopped them both. He also was amazing in the faceoff circle.


– Rask on this save and then Chara cleaning up the trash.

– Mike Darnay for this:

– Looch… again.  Mother fucking Milan Lucic gives Boston the lead in the third. Great puck protection by Krejci behind the net.

And to think we thought this meant Game 7. 😦

– It's random but this tweet:


– Speaking of Buffalo, we found out we still have friends up in that wasteland. From some dude named Clodney:

"Enjoy your "cupless" summer along with us you fucking tool. – Buffalo fan"

No idea why cupless is in quotations. Does Boston actually get a cup?

– Tuukka Rask this entire post-season. He's Boston's Conn Smythe winner. Probably would've won the real deal if Boston managed to get the Cup. His numbers were outstanding. 1.88 GAA and .940 SV%. On par with Tim Thomas during the 2011 Cup run.

– The flies in the Garden. There weren't any until Patrick Kane and his posse came to town. Just throwing that out there.

– Bad line change shortly after the Bruins first goal. Luckily it was Frolik who freaked out and shot it way too early. Easy save for Rask.

– That convienent mask malfunction by Crawford while the Bruins were buzzing on the PP. Goalie version of a dive. Awful.

– Shaw taking that puck to the eye. Ouch.

And if you think Boston was booing an injured player you're a fucking moron. They were booing the stoppage of play. They applauded when Shaw got up and left the ice. Suck it, haters.

– Refs with an awful hand pass call kills Bruins PP. Chara then fucks up with the puck by the blueline and Toews beats Rask five-hole to tie it.

Not Seids fault. D-man takes the pass, goalie takes the shooter. Toews is good or something.

– Bruins PP. Was like 0-million. Plenty of chances, tons of time in the offensive zone and nothing behind Crawford. Momentum killer.

– Bruins let in tying goal with empty net. Kane dances through everyone. Toews dishes it across the ice and BIckle buries it.

– A few seconds later Bruins full the Full Toronto and let in game-winning goal. Oduya shot redirects and Bolland puts it home.

– Patrick Kane gets the Conn Smythe. Gross.

– Seguin. 

– Jagr.

– How injured was Chara and Seidenberg this series?

– Do we want to think about those two third-period meltdowns that should've been Boston wins?

– Does Chiarelli use his two amnesty buyouts?

Ugh feels.