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Report: No hearing for glass pane for blatant head shot on David Krejci

A disturbing scene after the game in which an irate pane of glass attacked David Krejci while the Boston Bruins celebrated their Game 1 victory over the Capitals. No word on if Krecji was injured on the cheap shot.

Fucking awful.

Even worse? The pane of glass isn’t expected to have a hearing from Brendan Shanahan, further proving Shanny’s bias against the Boston Bruins. It’s forever open season on the Boston Bruins and bullshit calls like this need to go. When pressed about the play Shanny mentioned something about Marchand and then he told some woman to shave her armpits. We’re not entirely sure if the two are related or not.

Fuck that glass. Fuck Shanahan. 

Go Bruins.

PS –  Don’t bang loose glass.