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R.I.P. Adam McQuaid’s Mullet…

Bruins Nation received some bad news today. After missing that mean, mean son of a bitch Adam McQuaid in the playoffs, we were further devestated by the news that Adam McQuaid has… trimmed his mullet. The official Bruins Twitter posted this terrifying picture early this morning:

Artsy, sure, but terrible!

Sources have indicated that the Mullet was McQuaid’s source of his vicious power and face caving punches, much like the Power Sword was to Prince Adam. We are unsure at this time if there was some sort of argument or falling out but all we do know is that McQuaid and his Mullet have chosen to end their partnership and go their separate ways.

Rumors are now circulating that the reason McQuaid missed the end of the season was not due to an eye injury or concussion, but rather because of ongoing issues with the Mullet and intense anxiety over a possible split.

Will McQuaid still be able to lay down soul crushing hits or punch through faces with a single swing? We won’t know for quite sometime. All we are left with is the memory of his glorious hair flowing in the wind as he skated down the ice as we ponder what could have possibly gone wrong. According to Marty McFly and Doc Brown mid-90’s Jagr has been inconsolable, but this information is shaky at best.

McQuaid’s hair stylist declined comment.