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Sabres Once Again Prove They’re a Joke Organization. BRUINS WIN!

Been trying to write a good intro but the Scott hit pissed me off too much. Just like every other head shot this season by some goon who shouldn't be in the league. This isn't just about a Bruins player being injured. Scott knew he could do this because the NHL gives less than a shit about player safety.

They try to pretend they care by enforcing more rules in fights, yet continue to REFUSE to put in a proper system of discipline that prevents all these head shots. How many guys need to be taken out on stretchers before this joke of a league FINALLY does something? Is it going to take a guy like Crosby or Ovechkin getting a season ending elbow from a guy like Scott or Lapierre for them to realize guys like this don't belong in the league?

You're an absolute JOKE NHL. Gary Bettman, Brendan Shanahan, this is on you. Get this shit out of the game. Players like this are learning NOTHING from what you are currently doing. You are the only ones who don't see this. Even the freaking KHL is doing a better job with head shots than you. 

You're a freaking joke.

But hey, at least the Bruins embarrassed the crap out of the cheap shotting Sabres. Ott. Kaleta. Scott. Three guys who don't belong in the league. Bruins SILENCED the crowed, scored at will on Miller and showed once again why Buffalo is such a terrible bottom feeder. Joke of an organization. Bruins got the win. Hope Loui is okay. Hope the NHL decides to do something about the ever growing list of players on the IR.

– The new Milan Lucic – Ryan Miller movie that is coming out.

– 30 seconds into the game and Reilly Smith highlights how awful Tyler Myers is. Reilly Smith was everywhere in the first anyway. That kid is fun to watch.

– Perfect highlight of how weak Buffalo is: Chara is going into the corner after a puck. Hodgson has Chara lined up PERFECTLY for a big hit…and he stops. Because apparently hitting is too hard for Buffalo.

– Paille's effort.

– Patrice Bergeron is an absolute BEAST in the corners. This isn't talked about nearly enough. So many B's chances start with Bergeron digging pucks out of a corner like Buffalo digs their way to last place.

– Iginla's effort has been ridiculous all season. He just  hasn't been able to score. He almost single handedly set up the B's first goal. Scoring is boring for him though so he banked a shot off of Lucic's skate to give Lucic credit.

Hey Pete Blackburn, show these bitches all that magic!

Thanks Pete!

– Ryan Miller once called Milan Lucic a piece of shit. Then he shit out a Lucic goal. HILARIOUS. HI-LAR-I-OUS. 

– Good to see Ryan Miller didn't pretend he got shot when Carl Soderberg bumped into him a lil.

– The Sabres defense is a positive for every team that faces them.

– Almost everything the Bruins did in the first period. DOMINANT.

– EVERYTHING about B's second goal. Iginla and Lucic completely school the Buffalo defense then Iginla makes an AMAZING pass to Lucic who buries it like Buffalo's season. What a goal. AWESOME.

– The sweet taste of Buffalo fan tears. Yummy.

– Chris Kelly has the same amount of goals as Sabres co-captain Thomas Vanek. Yup. Chris Kelly. Wow, you're awful Buffalo.

– It's the little things. Big save by Johnson creates 2-1 on Miller. Marchand with a pretty pass to Doug Hamilton who slips it past Miller as easily as if he was scoring on Ryan Miller. Slight hesitation by Hamilton before shooting was key. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! It was also nice to see Marchand not be invisible.

– Bergeron. Reilly Smith. Bergeron. Reilly Smith.

– Loui E.'s play away from the puck is under rated. Still contributing when he's not scoring you monkeys.

– Great effort behind the net by lil Reilly Smith and then Krug just DOMINATED Stafford in front on a great goal. Suuuuuuuuuuuuck it Buffalo. KRUG IN YOUR MOUTH!

– Buffalo cheap shots Loui. Bruins get angry. Bruins score. Krug shows Buffalo how a REAL defenseman plays while schooling bitches in his own zone then scoring sweet, sweet goals. Two goals, 1 K. Wait, what? Am I doing this right? KRUG POWER!

– Seriously though. Krug. He's awesome.

– Those new pics of Patrick Kaleta that leaked. He's been busy on his suspension. 

– Patrick Kaleta steals candy from babies. Here's the proof:

– Buffalo, it's time you admit that Rick Jeanneret is AWFUL. You all call out Jack Edwards for being bias, which he clearly is, but ole Ricky boy is worse. His calls and puns are terrible. His voice is terrible. His face is terrible. Everything about him is terrible.

– Jon's internet connection. Sucks almost as much as Buffalo. Almost.

– Paille's hands.

– The entire team on NBC. They could not possibly be more awful. Listening to them is almost as painful as, say, a team hypothetically blowing a lead in 17 seconds in an important game.

– Why are McQuaid's face and the boards such good friends? 😦 They need to break up.

– Porter trying to make Krug eat the side boards. Wouldn't expect anything less from a team that employs Kaleta, Scott and Ott but still. Amateur.

– Buffalo's defense is so awful and the B's still couldn't score on that 5 on 3. Chara had like ten minutes alone with the puck in front of Miller. That's how awful the Sabres were. Bruins power play is AWFUL. Apparently if your team's power play is awful for a solid few years you still don't feel the need to really fix it.

– Steve Ott. What a giant piece of crap. Such a coward. He defines coward. Guys like Ott don't deserve to be in the NHL. He's your captain Buffalo. And your team blows. Not a coincidence.

– Krejci for falling for Ott's cowardly antics.

– People bitching about Iginla not scoring. He is generating so many chances and was the main reason Lucic was making it rain goals on Miller. Shut your cock holster.

– Bruins complete lack of defense on Buffalo's first goal. Gross.

– Cry baby Miller pretends he's a lumberjack and takes a swipe at Iginla. Guess he was hoping he could chop down some of Iginla's awesomeness. He failed.

– Johnson on Buffalo's second goal. Even Steve Mason could've saved that.

– Anything the NBC staff says. Ever. I DARE them to give us just one useful bit of information EVER.

– Perfect fucking example of why John Scott doesn't belong in the league. No talent hack delivers a late, elbow first hit to Loui's head. Disgusting. DISGUSTING. This guy legit should not have a job in this league. Complete cheap shot. And what sucks more is the NHL won't give a shit because Loui wasn't hurt in a fight. NHL couldn't care less about player safety. Terrible. Buffalo employs Kaleta, Ott and Scott. Great team of goons you have there Buffalo. 

Robb said it perfectly. What if Loui is hurt long term? Doesn't matter if Scott is suspended a few games. All Buffalo loses is a no talent player who could be easier be replaced by a dead squirrel. You're a JOKE NHL. 

Our buddy Pete Blackburn comes through yet again with this .gif that shows how awful this was:


– Then right after this hit, Buffalo plays "Big Bad John" to once again prove they are an absolute joke of an organization.

– Any Buffalo fan attempting to say this wasn't any worse than the Lucic-Miller hit

1) Miller saw Lucic coming

2) Miller was waaaaaaaaaaaaay out of position

3) Lucic did not target Miller's head

The reasons go on and on. But hey, just keep proving how stupid you are Buffalo. We enjoy it.

– When will the NHL stop being such a joke?

– Why does the NHL insist on promoting goons instead of showcasing the sport for what it really is… a wonderful, wonderful game built on skill, speed, and toughness?

– What lame ass excuse will the NHL use this time regarding their refusal to drop the hammer on head shots?