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Savard’s Gonna Need a Montage!

Patrice Purrgeron helped Savard get back in shape…

Since March 7th, 2010 when an elbow struck his cranium, Marc Savard’s life has been hell. Headaches. Depression. The thought that his career, his livelihood was at stake.

Every morning he woke up not feeling any better, he had to deal with the thought he may never play hockey again. Hockey players train their whole lives to play in the NHL, and Savard is no different. But for months, he had to think about how he may never get to do the one thing he loves the most again. And that just made his situation even worse.

Many thought he’d make a return against the Sabres, but instead Savard made his dramatic return in Game 1 one the Flyers series, scoring the game winning goal in overtime on home ice. But he wasn’t healthy. He shouldn’t have been on the ice. He just didn’t want to admit it.

The last time Savard took the ice in a game situation was the infamous Game 7 against Philly, and the more infamous “Too Many Men on the Ice” penalty where Savard appeared to call for a line change and then change direction and go back on the ice.

As training camp neared, the rumors began to pop up that perhaps Savard was still suffering effects from his concussion. Unfortunately for the Bruins and Savard, the rumors were true. He has watched the ups and downs of his team this season, wanting nothing more than to get on the ice and help them.

But what could he do? Then… he found the one thing he needed to get back on the ice…

After the jump, there’s only thing thing that could help Savard get back… he just needed a montage….


As painful as it was for him, Savard took his time, waited for both his mind and his body to tell him he was ready to try to comeback. As much as he wanted to just get back out there with his team, he knew he needed to train. And train hard.

With a new appreciation for his career and the game of hockey, he trained like he has never trained before.

Savard was nice enough to let the Days of Y’Orr crew follow him as he did the one thing that could save him. He did a training montage.

Days of Y’Orr is proud to present our second featured “movie”…. Savard’s Gonna Need a Montage.

Marc Savard Montage from Days of Y’Orr on Vimeo.