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“Savvy Savage” Cleared to Return

That crazy bastard Marc Savard is coming back! Chiarelli confirmed today that Savard will play in Game 1, whenever that starts. Still waiting for the Canadiens and Capitals to kill each other finish their series. Really, I’d just prefer if they both just wreck each other so bad that both teams have to forfeit and then the Bruins, Flyers and Penguins engage in a three team free-for-all. Playoff hockey at it’s finest! The bad news is that Mr. Mark Stuart is unlikely to return during round 2, as the infection in his finger is giving him more trouble than Nashville trying to sell out a playoff game. Hopefully the Bruins make it to the Conference Finals and Stewie can return to punch faces in and kick some defensive ass.

Shame about that Ference deal. Chara, Boychuk, Stuart and Seidenberg could’ve been one of the better top-4’s in the league. Oh well.