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Second Look: Tuukka Rask making snow angels all night long


Tuukka Rask can put up fantastic numbers. He's proven that over the years while being Tim Thomas' backup/1B (or was he 1A?) goaltender.

2013 – 1.95 GAA, .926 SV%
2012-2011 – 2.05 GAA, .929 SV%
2011-2010 – 2.67 GAA, .918 SV%
2010-2009 – 1.97 GAA, .931 SV%

The two big questions coming into this season was how his groin would hold up and could he perform at a high level with out seeing Thomas in the rearview mirror? The first bit is still to be determined (we think it'll be fine & Goalie Guild has a great post on how the injury can help Tuukka) but the second question is looking pretty good so far.  Sure "het let in" four goals yesterday against the Rangers, but it's hard to really blame any of them on him since he was left high and dry by his defense on each occasion and some. To stop most of the goals would've been acts of god. Still, he made some fantastic saves to help the Bruins steal a point and half-improve to 2-0-1. Kid was making snow angels all night long.

Rask with the unorthodox T-bone save.

Bailing out another defensive screw up

More snow angels from Tuukka

And yep… more snow angels

This is why the Bruins traded Raycroft for Rask for way back when. They saw a talented goaltender who takes good angles and can make some athletic plays. You can't expect the chaotic Tim Thomas flopping from Rask, but you can expect some beautiful and athletic goaltending in his own way.  Bruins lost last night but Tuukka won.