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Shanahammer Is In Full Effect. Suspensions For Everyone!

After being pretty damn conservative with the suspensions for quite a while, ol’ Shanny whipped out his trusty Shannahammer and went to work last night.  But first, lets go back a week to Game one of the Predators/Red Wings match up.

Not a suspension, which still baffles my mind, but whatever, that dead horse has been pummeled enough.  Since then, we’ve seen Byron Bitz suspended 2 games, Carl Hagelin suspended 3, and Matt Carkner suspended for one.

Then just last night, we got the rulings on that Pittsburgh debacle the other night,  Asham is suspended for 4 games, not suprising, and Neal will miss one.  I’m actually a little shocked that this is it. Craig Adams is also gone for tonight’s game.

And of course, lets not forget Backstrom missing one game, but we already covered that.  Guess that sort of makes the “NHL is protecting star players” argument invalid.

What really bring my piss to a boil is where the hell was this for most of the season? Is Shanny just going to bookend a season of blowing calls with plenty of suspensions in the pre and post season and hope people forget.  This the one time where he could probably get away with letting some things go (had he been consistent before) and he’s just giving out the suspensions like candy.

Oh, and Raffi Torres, you should be expecting a phone call soon I’d imagine.  Also, you should find yourself a safe house or a relative close by because you’re probably wanted for murder.  This was just awful, hope Hossa is ok.

Who’s going to be next?? Hide your kids, hide your wife, because it could be you!