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Shawn Thornton symptom free, doubtful for Habs game


Shawn Thornton was on the ice this morning for the first time since fighting John Scott. He didn't practice with the team but did some skating and working out before the rest of the Bruins hit the ice.

From Big Bad Blog:

Asked to clarify whether Thornton was part of the group of players potentially eligible to play Wednesday, Julien indicated that Thornton will in all likelihood be held out.

“Probably very doubtful for him, but he’s feeling very good,” Julien said. “He’s been great. He’s symptom-free for a few days now. He biked yesterday, he skated today, so things are going well but obviously there’s a protocol to follow. We’re certainly going to follow that to the letter.”

Clearly Shawn Thornton is Wolverine to come back form a concussion so fast. 

Or he didn't have a full on concussion (if that's even a thing). Twos definitely looked woosy after his bout with Scott and teams are better off playing it safe than sorry when it comes to head injuries and its players. Be it concussion or something less brutal, we're glad Thornton is feeling better and on the way back to the line-up. Fourth line looks so wrong without him.

Speaking of Fourth Line, Paille is a maybe for Wedsday. He says he's feeling better but hasn't been cleared by Docs. Rest of the battered Bruins — included Marchand — are expected to play against Montreal on Wednesday.