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Shawn Thornton’s busy weekend

Shawn Thornton only 12 NHL fights so far this season an two (and a half) of them came this weekend against the New York Rangers and Philadelphia Flyers.

Here’s Twos throwing down with Michael Rupp. This lead to a nice momentum switch and the Bruins scoring shortly thereafter.

But remember, fighting doesn’t lead to goals. Here’s Thornton dropping the gloves with Jody Shelly yesterday afternoon against the Flyers.

And then Thornton looking to beat Hartnell into next week after his borderline hit on Chris Kelly — only for Hartnell to pull his best PK Subban impression. FF to about 1:40 in the video.

For those playing at home, Thornton took on three guys bigger than him. Rupp has four inches and 13 pounds on Thornton; Shelly has one inch and 26 pounds on him; Hartnell has an inch an eight pounds on Thornton, but he turtled so whatever. And since Vancouver writers don’t think guys should be fighting people seven pounds or more lighter than themselves, this must make Shawn Thornton one badass mother fucker.