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The Harp to Host a ‘Pay Thorty’s Fine’ Party Tonight

Shawn Thornton is the patron saint of DOY, so when we got an email this morning about “helping Thornton pay his fine” we had to share with our readers. In reality, the donations are all going to the Shawn Thornton Foundation which is dedicated to improving the lives of those affected by cancer and Parkinson’s diseases.

Game 6 Viewing Party and Pay Thorty's Fine

From the Briar Group:

Bruins enforcer and fan favorite, Shawn Thornton, was fined $2820.52 for throwing water at a rival Canadien on the ice in passing during Game 5. The act, deemed by the league to display poor sportsmanship, invigorated many B’s fans who felt the punishment was far too harsh.  In protest of the fine, the Harp will attempt to match the exact amount of the fine and donate it to Shawn’s charity, the Thornton Foundation.  The Harp will help collect funds online and at their free viewing party tonight starting at 7 pm.  The event will feature giveaways and an appearance by the Boston Bruins ice girls, all sponsored by Coors Light.

The North Station bar hosts hundreds of Bruins fans weekly and wants to show it’s loyalty and support to the beloved Bruin defenseman.  “The amount is silly,” claims Hannah Huke, marketing manager for the Harp and its Briar Group sister locations.  “It’s a little extreme for a tiny bit of water, and we want to show Shawn we stand behind him.”

For more information on tonight’s viewing party, or to help “Pay Thorty’s Fine”, visit the Eventbrite site.