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The illogical Tim Thomas Scandal

Bruins fans are quickly learning there are certain downsides to a team’s success. For so long we were used to the Bruins either flaming out in the playoffs or making ridiculous trades or just finding some reason to disappoint us. But we all stuck it out and over the past few years we have been rewarded, with everything culminating in a June 15, 2011 Stanley Cup clinching win.

Then the Bruins abused everyone in the league from November to December and there wasn’t much to talk about. Sure there was a slump here or an injury there but for the most part things were boring. You could see the dogs salivating, waiting for a worthwhile story to break. On Monday Tim Thomas fed those dogs so much they won’t need to eat for years.

As is customary for the team that wins the Stanley Cup, the Bruins head to D.C. to meet president Obama. Chances are that Thomas isn’t the only one on the team who disagrees with Obama’s politics. That is just how the world works. We’re sure there’s guys on the team who love Obama, guys who hate Obama and guys who just don’t give a crap because they’re from Canada.

After a flurry of wild guesses and unfounded assumptions presented as fact, Thomas released a statement on his Facebook about why he chose not to attend:

After the jump….. more stupidity than we can cram into one post…..

“I believe the Federal government has grown out of control, threatening the Rights, Liberties, and Property of the People. This is being done at the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial level. This is in direct opposition to the Constitution and the Founding Fathers vision for the Federal government. Because I believe this, today I exercised my right as a Free Citizen, and did not visit the White House. This was not about politics or party, as in my opinion both parties are responsible for the situation we are in as a country. This was about a choice I had to make as an INDIVIDUAL. This is the only public statement I will be making on this topic.”

The Days of Y’Orr staff was basically unanimous… we don’t give a rat’s ass what Thomas’ political affiliation is or what his political opinions are. As a player, as a two time Vezina winner, as Conn Smythe winner and a Stanley Cup winner we love him. We don’t know him as a person. Quite frankly we don’t need to.

We do agree that an argument can be made for being mad at Thomas for not sucking it up and being with his team. The Bruins won the Cup by being the ultimate TEAM. They played for each other, not with each other. They weren’t teammates, they were brothers. We do agree that Thomas should have sucked it up and been there for his team and perhaps expressed his opinion in interviews later. This was about the team and Thomas chose to make an individual statement. If you’re mad at Thomas for bailing on the team and taking away from what should’ve been their day, fine. We’re still pals. We support you.

If you’re one of the people saying you hate Thomas now simply because his political opinions are different from yours… well, you’re a moron. Stop reading the site if that offends you. We don’t care. What a player does off the ice should not affect how you feel about them as a player unless he’s tossing babies in the ocean for fun or making kittens battle to the death. Or, you know, unless Thomas is a member of the Nazi party like the media in Canada would have you believe. We don’t care if Thomas is red or blue. We don’t care if Thomas loves to get some Bush or discuss health care with Obama. We don’t care if Thomas hates abortions or sneaks into an abortion clinic’s trash at night and eats fetuses to get super powers. Whatever his opinions are off the ice, we only care about his performance on the ice.

Whether or not any of us agree with Thomas….. the man has a giant set of balls. He believes our country is in rough shape and decided to make a statement. Did he choose the wrong time or go about it the wrong way? There are arguments to be made on both sides. But fans and media are always bitching that athletes are boring or don’t speak up given how much they are in the public eye. Then Thomas goes ahead and does just that and he’s crucified like his son Jesus.

Watching Thomas during the National Anthem at a game. The entire time he does nothing but stare up at the flag in admiration. But since he didn’t go to the White House he must be a terrorist, right?

People are also upset because Thomas is one of just two American born players who were on the Bruins Stanley Cup roster (though Kampfer never actually played in the Finals) and claim as an American it is his duty to show up and represent America.

We’re not going to get into that discussion because people on both sides of the argument are just way too irrational but consider this. Wasn’t our country founded by a group of people who were unhappy with how their governed operated? They moved to America to run things the way they thought they should be run and fought to the death to suppor their beliefs. So when you really think about it, what Thomas did couldn’t possibly be more American.

Thomas isn’t out there hanging out with Osama Bin Laden’s son or cheering on Iraqi insurgents. He simply expressed his opinion on an extremely public stage. We were unaware that atheletes are not people and are not allowed to have opinions.

If you go online and see what people are saying about Thomas today, he is apparently a racist, self centered fool who hates America, eats bald eagles for breakfast and tried to sexually harass the Statue of Liberty. Without gathering any facts at all members of the Canadian member jumped to the conclusion that Thomas must be a terrible, terrible racist and the scene in American History X where Ed Norton’s character tells that guy to put his mouth on the curb was inspired by Thomas. However, there was no mention from this same media source of the Subban fans who wear afros and black face to games.

Real professional there Dave. But you work for TSN so we should expect this sort of thing. #davehodgelogic

Really, this is what you put out there? Notice Dave that you are one of the few that jumped to the conclusion that race had something to do with Thomas’ absence when almost every else jumped to political differences. What does that say about you Dave? This asshole probably still refers to the days of slavery as the “good old days.” #davehodgelogic

And further proof that TSN readers are morons:

The bigger issue is people’s assumption. Thomas released his statement but before and after he did people were posting speculation as others ran with this speculation as fact. They put words in Thomas’ mouth and pretended it was true. Fans, media, drunk dudes in the bar etc., will never get into Thomas’ head and figure out exactly why he did what he did and we don’t deserve to. Tim Thomas’ did what he did for himself. That should, in no way, affect the rest of us. He gave what explanation he thought was fine and left it at that. Now the rest of us should too.

Like we said, if you’re mad at Thomas for not being there for the team, we can get behind that. But if you’re going to stop liking Thomas as a player and burn your jersey because he’s not supporting your individual political agenda well then we suggest you go down to Go Fuck Yourself Street, take a right on You’re a Dumbass Drive and punch yourself in your face because you’re a whiny little bitch with hurt feelings for no reason.

It isn’t his “duty” to do anything. He has no obligation to us

We still LOVE Tim Thomas as a player. We don’t know Tim Thomas the man and the events that have transpired the past few days have not been nearly enough information for us to judge him as a man. But we will continue to go to TD Garden and chant his name and wear our Tim Thomas jerseys. As long as he keeps making ridiculous saves and body checking all those who dare enter his crease, we couldn’t possibly care less what he does or doesn’t do off the ice. Maybe if it comes out that Thomas runs a sweat shop or hangs out with the Sedins on the weekends we’ll change our opinion.

But for now, in our eyes, Tim Thomas is still the man.