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The Iron Sheik’s Thoughts On The NHL Lockout



If you've been a reader of ours for awhile, you know that we love mixing wrestling with hockey. Hell, growing up I was a huge WWF fan since the days of Hogan, Sheik, Flair and all those guys. One day I saw The Iron Sheik tweet about hockey and instantly knew that I had to ask him to blog about hockey. I tweeted him everyday until I got this in my Twitter DMs: 


Amazing. Well after emailing back and forth with Iron Sheik's agents, he put together a blog post for us that may be one of the greatest things I've ever read. 


I love the Boston forever. The hockey begin now because the no good raisin balls Gary Bettman and the no good jabroni the Donald Duck or the Donald Fehr whatever you want me to call him make deal. They make me mad because they make the fan lose the respect for the sport. Now the player have to work hard to make the fan happy so they pay the big money to come and see them play the sport. I respect the hockey I love the fan forever. If you don’t like the hockey than you deserve to like only the cricket because hockey is real sport like the Wrestling.

My good friend in the NHL all in the Iron Sheik Class I love them forever @BizNasty2point0 @Dustinpenner25  @Ryan_Kesler  @strombone1 @commie22 you fuck with them you can go fuck yourself. They are like the Sheik and the Nikolai in the Boston Garden when we beat the fuck out of the jabroni Killer Bee’s. also my good friend become #1 hockey player in the world the @ActionBronson  he in the Iron Sheik class like the Jesus and the Wayne Grotzsky. Now if you respect the legend, respect the world champion you become the #Teamsheikie and you buy my #teamsheikie t shirt or my #1 DVD in the World Sheik Show at www.theironsheik.org if you do that I love you forever otherwise I suplex you put you in camel clutch break your back make you humble. Have good day I love you forever.

I fucking love the Iron Sheik. #TeamDOY will always be #teamsheikie. 

Now respect the fucking legend.