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Those Crafty Canadiens Are Trying To End The Lockout Themselves

Ok, maybe our rivals to the north aren’t ALL bad *ducks incoming thrown objects*.  My coworker just informed me about this article on ESPN.  

The short of it is, some members of the Canadiens are trying to appeal to the Quebec Labour Board to prevent the work stoppage.  The NHLPA is not recognized as a union up there, so if successful, those teams could be allowed to practice and get paid as though there were no lockout.

Looks like the players are trying to put the pressure on.
 “As players we want to play. More than anything, the desire to play is what’s guiding us,” Habs defenseman Josh Gorges said on a conference call with reporters Monday afternoon. “The owners, on the other hand, seem determined to impose a lockout. And so the players are going to use every tool at our disposal to stop them. Nothing is more destructive to bargaining than a lockout.”
Hey Bettman…suck it!