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Three Years Later, Vancouver Still Crying…

The Vancouver Canucks aren’t facing the Boston Bruins. Hell, the Canucks aren’t even in the playoffs, but their writers feel the need to still whine, bitch and moan about the Bruins for whatever reason.

In short: They’re obsessed with the Bruins.

Can’t blame them really. Boston is a team that’s been to the Cup finals twice in past three years and actually has a Cup title from one of them. It must be really difficult to comprehend a team being that consistently good. Yet here we are. Ed Willes of The Province wrote a column talking about Boston being hypocritical for the “tough-but-honest” type of play. We’re not going to link to it here — why give them the hits? — but here are some highlights from the piece:

Maybe this is a hangover from 2011 or maybe it’s just a reaction from one too many instances where the Bruins exposed themselves this playoff season.

Spoiler: It’s the former.

Though also possibly the latter, if we’re talking Marchand and exposing oneself.

The nature of this crap is hard to identify. The Canadiens — the team of garden gnomes like Brendan Gallagher, Brian Gionta, Daniel Briere and Tomas Plekanec — certainly haven’t tried to run the big, bad Bruins.

Bitch, plz. There are only two gnomes in the NHL and your newspaper wrote a half page story about it. It being our Photoshop.

Now, if a lot of the current byplay sounds familiar to Canucks fans, it should. In the 2011 Cup final, the Canucks basically played a role similar to the one being cast for the Canadiens. They were the whiners. They were the divers and the chickens.

All true… and the whining hasn’t stopped from you guys since June 2011. Time to stand up and get over it.