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Tim Thomas officially suspended, wants to play next season


Chiarelli officially (is that what we can call what we've all known since like July?) that Tim Thomas is suspended for the 2013 season but in a friendly kinda way.. or something.

From ESPN:

"We'll end up suspending him and we want to do it in a non-adversarial way," Chiarelli said. "I've talked to the agent and we'll agree to some type of set of facts and remedies and that'll be it. So he will be on our cap, unless I trade him."

But, wait for it, Thomas' agent Bill Zito says Timmy wants to play in the 2013-2014 season, so apparently Zito knows where Thomas is. Poor Rask is still looking for him.

Chia confirmed Zito's statement:

"Tim's not going to show up and he's told us he's not playing for the year, but he wants to play next year," Chiarelli said.

Timmy has also mentioned he wants to play for Team USA in the next Olympics. So Thomas wants to play hockey next year, eh? We're sure the Maple Leafs and Flyers will be looking for a new starter… again.