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RECAP: TorontoWrong. BRUINS WIN!


After a subpart Game 2 the Boston Bruins needed to come out in Game 3 with a physical presence and a lot of pressure. They needed to quiet the ACC ASAP and keep the crowd out of it. They needed to keep winning in the face-off dot and limit the turnovers. And for the most part the Bruins did exactly that.

They jumped to a sweet 4-1 lead after two periods. We're prettsure Boston's collective butts clenched with the Leafs scored early in the third period to cut the game to two and then began peppering Tuukka Rask like it was a shooting galler, but they held on to take the series 2 games to 1.

Rask had 46 saves but we're not sure any of them were timely. /sarcasm

And the Bruins "first line" is finally looking like a first line. They had a combine 8 points in last night's game. Unreal. Horton had the game winner because he's Nathan Horton and that's what he does.

Bruins Hockey Rules Toronto Stronger sucks


– David Krejci in the playoffs. BEAST.

– Absolutely LOVE that Phaneuf gets away with a clear elbow on Paille in game two and then scores Boston's first goal in game three. Couldn't have happened to a more useless guy.

– We give Paille a lot of shit for his stone hands but the key has been CLUTCH for the Bruins game in and game out. Then noticed he punched us in the face with his stone hands with his sweet, sweet short handed goal.

– If we're going to bash him when he doesn't show up, we absolutely have to give him credit when he does. Milan Whocic Lucic ended the game with three assists and was a physical presence all game. We'd LOVE for that Lucic to show up  more. LOVE.

– Brad Marchand has a tendency to take dumbass penalties. However, getting Phil Kessel off the ice for two minutes in a close game is certainly okay by us.

– The Bruins penalty kill is uglier than Sarah Jessica Parker. If you put a picture of the two next to each other, no one would be able to tell the difference.

– Dion Phaneuf should win the Bruins 7th Player Award for how much he's done to help Boston. Thanks buddy!

– Seriously. We'll ask again. Did Wade Redden find a time machine?

– Tyler Bozak has been absolutely phenomenal for the Bruins. Can't stress that enough.

– Jagr's passing.

– Jagr's puck possession skils.


– You mad Toronto?

– Our new favorite band!

– So, we're going to go ahead and say Rich Peverley got the message from his early series benching. Like, a lot. What a freaking beast he was this game.


– Rask. He saves more than that long haired zombie dude from the bible.

– Seriously. Thanks for saving us Rask.

– Nice goal Horton! How many wins left?

– This giant piece of shit. Glad he got to watch his shitty team lose their first home playoff game in almost a decade. 

toronto stronger because its the cup

– JVR for being a bag of shit. Again.

– Anyone who thinks Shawn Thornton should be a healthy scratch. One of the very few Bruins who goes all out every game. And look what his line did in the third period tonight. Totally destroyed Toronto's momentum. 

– No one gets a free pass. Not even gods like Bergeron. Boston's best player needs to start putting up some points.

– The officiating throughout the NHL, especially in the playoffs so far. We're not even sure players know what will and will not be called anymore.

– You know you're a terrible hockey player when you're greatest career accomplishment took place off the ice. Looking at you Phaneuseless.

– This is your future Phil Kessel.

– Jon is going to be Captain Buzzkill. Hey, great win, Bruins are up 2-1. But how in the HELL have they not even tried to fix their third period issues? Championship caliber teams don't shit the bed under pressure. These Bruins have to wear depends in the third period of games. If the Bruins end up moving on, any team awaiting them is going to be waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than Toronto and these third period shit shows are going to kill them.

– James Reimer's glove hand is terrible. His rebound control is terrible. For the love of Orr, SOMEONE TELL THE BRUINS OFFENSE!


– How huge would a Game 4 win be?

– Have these refs seen Lucic skate? At all? Ever?

– Has Wade Redden and Jaromir Jagr told anyone else where the Fountain of Youth is?

– Seriously, how fucking awful is that TorontoStronger douchecanoe?