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VIDEO: Bruins & Habs fans are nuts

Not sure what else to call this post. Bruins and Habs fans are nuts seems accurate. 

Thanks to DOY reader Shannon O. for pointing us to this video. Her and her son were interviewed by Boston.com about the Bruins-Habs game and the “Somebody Call 911” sign. She kept name dropping Days of Y’Orr but they edited those bits out.

Assholes. Kidding… or are we?

Here’s the video.

Obviously we’re stoked that our sign was first few bits of this video. But there are some crazy ass shit going on in this video.

Apparently there was at least Don Cherry wanna-be in attendance.

We’re getting Hiller level vertigo just by looking at it. 

Loved this guy about to beat Old Man Montreal for putting the Habs hat on the Bobby Orr statue. Holy shit. Old Man Montreal probably needed to change his Dipends after that encounter.

And not to peptuate stereotypes but a French-Canadian did say “This is how we love Chara” while showing the nude Chara picture.

Love it.