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VIDEO: Watch Jeremy Jacobs hold a press conference to throw punches at NHLPA & for no good reason


Jeremy Jacobs showing how out of touch he is with the Bruins fanbse, held a press conference this evening before the game. Yep. First game after 100+ days of lockout and Jeremy Jacbos decided to hold a press conference to talk about the lockout and throw everyone under the bus, especially the players. Everyone was having a grand ol time with hockey returning and then Jacobs had to go stomping through the party and make a scene. Awful.

Most of the finger pointing came during the Q&A portion. But seriously, what was the point of all that? What was the point of poking at the embers? Does Jacobs have a bad case of the butt hurt that he felt the need to unleash on the players on Opening Day? If anything, those words came at least a week late.

From NESN.com:


“Let me make this observation,” he said. “Nobody won, but more importantly, nobody lost at this point.”

Yea, well, except for all the small and local businesses.

And from ESPN.com:

Jacobs, regarded as one of the most militant hard-line owners driving the lockout, appeared to blame the union for a deal not getting done sooner, saying it "should've and could've" been resolved quicker and characterized it as "disappointing."

Of the union, Jacobs said: "There was no expression of a desire to make a deal."

When asked to elaborate how a deal could have been brokered earlier — the labor standoff lasted almost four months before an agreement was reached earlier this month — Jacobs deflected blame onto the NHLPA.

"You'd really have to ask the other side on that," he said.

Our official response to Jacobs: