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Water Soaked Knee Hockey might be the best thing to happen to summer

This might be the greatest invention ever known to man.

Water Soaked Knee Hockey

Perfect for those days when it’s not cold enough for pond hockey but too hot for playing ball hockey without dying of a heat stroke. This game combines severl of our favorite things — table top hockey, knee hockey, silly water games, summer-time fun, more hockey.

Description from the makers:

This is the backyard game that lets two players square-off in a sliding, water-soaked game of knee hockey. Thirty tiny nozzles built into both sides of the rink spray 24″ high fountains of water that saturate the surface and players, ensuring ecstatic slipping and jockeying for control of the oversized plastic puck. Each player is equipped with a soft plastic hockey stick for defending one of two included inflatable 12″ H x 32″ W x 8″ D goals that sit on the grass adjacent to each end of the rink. A garden hose attaches to the rink for continuous water supply. Sturdy PVC construction. Rink 9′ L x 5′ W x 1 1/2″ H. (4 lbs.)

And all for just $50.

Of course we see this going south real fast where the plastic sticks and puck is replaced with more substance. But until that first collapsed esophagus happens it’ll be a blast.

We smell a DOY Tourney. 

(props to Geegokogie for this find