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Welcome to Twitter Marc Savard

When you’re recovering from what seems like your hundredth concussion, you need to find ways to pass the time. For Marc Savard, that’s going to his kids’ hockey games and now joining twitter.


Colin Campbell thought it was a little fake twitter account, but Matt Chmura confirmed it, so one has to think it is legit. Campbell’s still not believing it.

Not surprisngly, a large portion of the female Bruins fans (and maybe a few of the lads) were throwing their virtual panties as Savard within minutes. 

Perhaps he joined twitter thinking that’s the fastest way to recover from a concussion. Hey, it worked for Patches, right?

And while Savvy’s tweeting from a dark room at least he’s getting visions of the future. Suppose all those knocks to the head weren’t all that bad after all.