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We’re off our game

We obviously didn’t do a normal recap last night. We were all out watching the game instead of doing our usual stream of conscience type stuff, ha. We weren’t in the mood to photoshop or make funny funny jokes last night.
We like to think we’re not the type of fans that overreact or whine about losing streaks. It happens. Teams don’t win every game. No NHL team has ever won all 82 games and no team likely ever will.
We feel a bit bad criticizing a team that recently won seven games in a row.
But what we’re sick of is the lifeless, heartless efforts. Losing is one thing. But when it looks like a team  just gave up, that we cannot accept as fans.
We didn’t do a normal recap because we are fans. Fans don’t always put the big picture into perspective. All we can think about is a team that looks mentally weak. The Bruins are skilled. They are. When they are at their best, we’d give them a great chance against any other team in the league. Any team.
What we’ve seen lately as the intensity ramps up and points become more important is a team that wilts under pressure. A team that does not have the mental fortitude to rise to the occasion. We hope the Bruins prove us wrong. But this is a theme. Not four games. Not a season. A couple seasons now. This type of mental weakness brings up memories of teams that blew two consecutive game 7’s against Carolina and Philly. 
The regular season is over in a month. Bruins need to get their shit together. 
We need to get our game together too. Four game losing streaks certainly aren’t the end of the world. As a fan it is just frustrating. And right now, we’re totally acting like whiny fans. 
Time to move forward though. You didn’t come here to lackluster efforts, just like we don’t want that from the B’s. We’ll be back on our game tomorrow. Hopefully the  Bruins are back on their game Tuesday.