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White is the new black/gold for Tim Thomas

Like most goalies every year, Thomas decided to get new goalie pads and a new mask, however, Timmy decided (unsurprisingly) to go the unconventional route and drain all the color from his mask. He’s also tweaked the shape of the mask and decided to go with the straight bars over the cat’s-eye cage. Boston.com dedicated a portion of their story to the new design.

“Thomas’s new mask features the same primary design as his last one — bear on the side with its claw ripping through the helmet. On the front, replacing the Bruins logo, is a design of the coin Thomas wears as a necklace. On the back, an American flag with the ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ slogan replaces the ‘Beware Of Bear’’ logo.”

We’re told the all white look is to make Timmy look bigger in net, a not so uncommon strategy used by goalies. A lot of goalies in the league will have white pads, but the colorless helmet is what setting Thomas apart from the others. (And no, we’re not making a Thomas is fat joke, sorry.) We’re not sure if an all white mask is really helping Thomas look bigger, but he got a shutout in his regular season debut, so whatevs. It worked in the first game anyways.

We’re also not going to read anything into the fact that Thomas got rid of two Bruins logos for patriotic symbols. We’re sure there are people who are though. We’re going to ignore them.

Rumor has it, however, that Thomas is hoping to work some magic in net for the Bs.

Eyecandyair doesn’t seem to have close-ups of the mask yet, but DOY friend and fantastic photoshopist, BosBruinsFan was able to get some screencaps of it for us. Be sure to visit his site (which he’s currently redesigning… but bookmark it).

Boston Bruins Tim Thomas white maskTim Thomas white mask - Boston BruinsTim Thomas white maskTim Thomas Bruins white mask

We like the design and it looks real cool close-up, but on TV it looks kinda lame. But to be fair he does blend in real well with the boards and ice (on TV anyways.. not sure about ice), so maybe Thomas is onto something. He wants to be 1A again for Boston and is looking for any edge he can get… even color-wise.