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Who says politics and hockey don’t mix… the GOP, probably


Cool story on Puck Daddy today on how the canceled Boston Bruins vs. Minnesotta Wild game led to a Mitt Romney campaign Election Day meltdown. Give it a read as it's a really interesting post about the NHL Lockout's weird campaign influence, but here are some of our fav bits:

Even with an [CBA] offer still on the table — one that purported to be a sincere, last-ditch attempt to save the 82-game season — Jeremy Jacobs was quite confident that the Bruins wouldn't be staging their home opener on Election Night.

The idea that Jacobs was reserving Garden space for other before games were officially canceled doesn't surprise us at all.

The TD Garden Wi-Fi, which had recently been updated, crashed under the major influx of traffic. Then the app's server, which was also located at the Garden, crashed as well.

Garden Wi-Fi sucking? No shit. Cell reception in there is also awful. Nothing like seeing advertising for AT&T in the Garden only to have AT&T and not get service. ORCA crashing might be the second most embarresing crash in the Garden this year.

The whole operation went to crap. Tim Thomas could have warned them that the TD Garden wasn't the ideal place to push a right-wing agenda.


Seriously, though, this is a really cool post by Puck Daddy so head on over and give it a read.