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Blues fans are thankful for Tarasenko, the PK and the Winter Classic

Thanksgiving is here and with it comes a time to gather with friends and family to reflect, eat and be thankful. Since Blues fans are really no different than any other family – we’re as dysfunctional as they come – it only seems appropriate to gather around and reflect on what we’re thankful for with the Blues.

Personally, I’m simply thankful that the Blues have stuck in St. Louis even when certain old owners might have been tempted to do otherwise. I’m thankful St. Louis still has hockey while other teams have uncertain futures. I’m thankful that Tom Stillman appeared and has been an outstanding owner. I’m thankful that win or lose, the Blues always provide something to talk about.

I took to Twitter and asked the fans what they’re thankful for and as usual, the fans delivered.

Now if only he’d use that cannon more often…

This one might be the biggest and most important. Fans won’t always agree with the team’s decisions, but you really can’t argue Tom Stillman’s dedication or passion.

Of course, there’s also the irresistible urge to mention the things you’re not thankful for too.

Let’s just consider that another point in favor of the PK.