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Devan Dubnyk is already playing the blame game against the Blues

The St. Louis Blues are returning home with a surprising 2-0 series lead against the Minnesota Wild. Those two wins were due to some outstanding play from Jake Allen, some timely offense and some fortunate bounces. Things are bright in the St. Louis dressing room while the blame game is already being played by the Wild on the other side of the rink.

Following Game 2, Devan Dubnyk was a bit upset about the call which created a 4-on-4 situation.

Dubnyk probably believes his team should have been put on the powerplay, but his statements are pretty silly. When the playing field is level and you allow a goal, there’s no one to blame but yourself and your teammates in front of you. It’s really no different than allowing a goal during 5-on-5 play. No team has the advantage, so if you give on eup, that’s on you.

To make matters worse, the Wild used to specifically use a strategy designed to create 4-on-4 situations in which they could exploit the opposition with their speed.

That is Yeo’s take and it’s possible it has changed, but with many of the same players still on the roster, it’s likely the Wild still aim for 4-on-4 situations where they should hold a competitive edge.

It’s worth noting that the Wild have only scored in situations with the man advantage.

This series is still pretty early, but it’s a good sign that the Wild are trying to find blame outside of their own dressing room.

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