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Here are a few more details on how Patrik Berglund injured his shoulder

Patrik Berglund is currently recovering from shoulder surgery after suffering an injury during off-ice training earlier this summer. He’s expected to be out until December, placing the Blues in a pinch when it comes to options at center. Details surrounding Berglund’s injury were limited when the news broke back in June, but now we have a bit more information detailing how Berglund actually injured himself.

Via what might be the final chat with Jeremy Rutherford of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, he provided a few more specifics.

“Berglund was in Sweden doing some off-ice training. He was pushing a sled in street clothes and tennis shoes when he slipped and popped his shoulder. He and the team decided to get surgery right away, as opposed to letting it linger like last time.”

As painful as that sounds, that’s the most Berglund type of injury Berglund could suffer. Fresh off of a season in which he was pretty productive, scoring 23 goals in the regular season, Berglund will now miss a chunk of the season because he slipped pushing a sled.

Hopefully his recovery goes a bit better than his offseason training.

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