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The St. Louis Blues are going down a familiar, tired path

The St. Louis Blues are once again in a familiar position. As the trade deadline approaches, the Blues are a team that has more questions than answers. As each game passes, they’re looking like less of a contender and more of a pretender.

How is it that each year Blues fans are forced to question this team’s effort? Why is it that each year, regardless of who is head coach, there are uninterested and lazy players on the ice?

It’s infuriating.

Some reports have surfaced recently suggesting there are some serious problems in the locker room. From players just looking for a paycheck to other players isolating themselves, the alleged issues are among the worst you can have on a professional sports team. I don’t know if they’re true, and frankly there’s no real way of knowing what’s actually happening in the locker room unless you’re a player or a coach.

What I do know is that the Blues have looked like garbage. They look like they’re going through the motions on the ice. They look like they don’t really care if they win or lose.

Consider some of the quotes following the recent loss to San Jose:

How many times have you heard these – or very similar – quotes? How annoying is it to hear the same statements after each and every disappointing loss? How many ways can Mike Yeo possibly explain the same thing happening game after game? How many times are fans going to listen to the players brush aside losses with tired cliches?

Enough is enough. It’s time for a major change.

The Blues have tried new head coaches. They’ve tried making significant roster changes without ever making any significant roster changes. Players have left through free agency, but the Blues still have several pieces who have been on the roster for an extended period of time. The old mentality, the one that struggles to compete and seems to mentally disappear, is still present.

What should the Blues do?

The answer isn’t an easy one. There is no one player who deserves the blame. The problem sits on the shoulders of several – if not the majority – of players. The Blues may need a new identity. There’s some exciting young talent waiting in the wings, but will it go wasted if it’s brought up under the same mentality that’s currently plaguing the Blues?

All of this being said, the Blues could surprise us. Stranger things have happened. They could sneak into the playoffs and rattle off enough wins to finally hit their goal. It’s unlikely, but it could happen.

More realistically, the Blues will probably do what they’ve always done – end the year with a thud. Should that happen, Armstrong and the Blues need to do what it takes to rid this team of its “woe is me” mentality. That means some major, major changes.

2 thoughts on “The St. Louis Blues are going down a familiar, tired path

  1. Over the past several years, the Blues have built up a front office with a lot of Stanley Cup-winning experience. With that many people who’ve been there and know what it took to win, I would certainly hope for some very pointed end-of-year interviews for the suspected problem children on this team. And then I should hope that Doug Armstrong does whatever he needs to do to weed them out.

    As a team, the Blues current core group has at least a couple of seasons left before they start heading for the wrong side of 30 – Pietrangelo is 28, Allen (if he can still be called part of this group – soft goals against and limited scoring support are two separate issues, after all) is 27, and the rest of the meaningful top-end players on the team are currently 26 or younger. There is time there to do a quick reset in shipping out the bad apples without tossing the baby out with the bathwater, if Army both has the right targets, and the guts to see it through.

    Is it already too late to sucker the Pens into taking Sobotka to fill their 3C need on their attempt to three-peat? *sigh*

    I’d love to be wrong, of course. If the team can recapture their form from the first six weeks and go on a tear through April and May, that’d be wonderful, and I stand ready to eat every bit of crow I deserve. That said, I’ve seen an awful lot of “same old lousy, stinkin’ Blues” lately, whether it be in person (I attended the beatdown Arizona gave us, for one) or on TV, and they’re not giving me a whole lot of reasons to hold out any substantial hope, whether they squeak into the playoffs or not.


    1. At the same time, the Blues have also surrounded their players with a lot of voices who haven’t accomplished much in terms of Cups and playoff wins. Some of the development coaches, as well as some of the more-recent hires, are all good and can represent the organization well, but it’d maybe be better to add a few hardened winners to the organization. That’s a tough challenge, but it may help given the fact mental issues are still plaguing the team.


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