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“Baseball Wives” to Star on The Amazing Race

Here we go again.

"Baseball wives" are nothing new when it comes to reality television.  Yup, we all know about the disaster that was VH1's show of the same name, but, this time…I'm guessing there will be less drama.  CBS has announced the cast for the upcoming season (number 23!) of its hit show "The Amazing Race" and included, two ladies whose occupations just happen to be, you guessed it by now…baseball wives.

Ladies and gentlemen, please meet Nicky Getz and Kim DeJesus.  Getz is the wife of Kansas City Royals infielder Chris Getz, while DeJesus is married to current Tampa Bay Rays outfielder (and former Royal) David DeJesus.  So, yeah, you can probably figure out how they became chums.

Here's what the two ladies battling it out for that million dollar prize.