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Cincinnati Reds No-Hit by Jake Arrieta

Even though the fell victim to Jake Arrieta throwing the first no-hitter of the season Thursday night, the Cincinnati Reds were able to find a positive in the 16-0 loss.

Well played, fellas. Also finding time to tweet, the Los Angeles Dodgers who, as you might recall, got blanked by the pitcher late last season.

Now…back to that tweet by the Reds.

While everyone is celebrating Arrieta’s second no-no in his last eleven regular season starts, getting four walks off the Chicago Cubs hurler is just about as rare of a feat. Matter of fact, you’d have to go back to a 6-5 loss to the Cleveland Indians last June 16 to find a game where the righty put four or more men on base via the base on balls.

Silver. Lining.