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Bryce Harper Finds Unlikely Supporter in Curt Schilling

“Baseball’s tired.”

It was the quote heard ‘round the internets. Two simple words.

Whether you agreed or disagreed with what Bryce Harper said, you probably voiced your opinion on social media…but there’s no way you were as vocal as Goose Gossage.

Just days after going all  “get off my lawn” in regards to Jose Bautista’s bat flips and Buster Posey getting taking out at the plate, the Hall of Fame closer went after Harper’s comments about the current state of the game.

“What does this kid know?” Gossage questioned. “This kid doesn’t know squat about the game, and [has] no respect for it.”

Not surprisingly, Gossage wasn’t alone in criticizing the Washington Nationals superstar. Also making his voice heard…San Francisco Giants pitcher (and never one to shy away from celebrating) Sergio Romo.

“Don’t put your foot in your mouth when you’re the face of the game and you just won the MVP,” Romo said. “I’m sorry, but just shut up.”

Perhaps relievers are just supposed to stick together because, shockingly, noted hater of all things fun, Curt Schilling, came out in support of the reigning National League MVP.

But back to Harper, one can only wonder what Gossage thinks about the slugger’s new haircut.