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Dave Parker is Still a Pirates Fan

I'm not sure whether this should be filed under "awesome" or "sad".

Earlier this week, an eagle-eyed fan spotted former outfielder Dave Parker at a Cincinnati grocery store…decked out in full Pittsburgh Pirates gear.  And I've gotta add, "The Cobra" is looking every bit as good as he did during his eleven-year stint with the Bucs.  But, is it acceptable for a 62-year-old man to walk around, behind enemy lines, wearing a personalized jersey?

What if that personalized jersey is one from the team that, in 1978, you won an MVP award for and a year later, a World Series?

Parker, who actually does reside in the Cincinnati area, revealed in August that he's been battling Parkinson's since February 2012, but if you look at the picture of him shopping for groceries…dude's looking alright.